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List of candidates for A.I.C. Examination

Established in 1927-28, this Institute is registered under the Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860, Registration No. 6059/107 of 1928-1929.

Brief History of the Institution

Established in 1927-28, this Institution is a learned society for the chemical profession of India and is registered under the Societies registration Act of 1860, Registration No. 6059/107 of 1928-1929. Up to 1950, this body had only one category of membership- the ordinary membership, minimum qualification being graduation in chemistry, and this body was involved in organizing lectures, group discussions, symposia, etc. and in publication of the Journal of the Institution of Chemists (India) and the Proceedings of the Institution of Chemists (India). The Journal is bimonthly one with 6 issues in a year with Author and Subject Indexes at the end of the last issue (ISSN: 0020-3254; JOI CA&). It comprise original papers on results of research, book review, editorial matter on topical subjects of importance, all on various aspects of Chemistry. The Proceedings (ISSN: 0369-8599) is a quarterly publication comprising articles of Interest, and activities of this Institution.

In January 1951, Prof. R.N.Chakraborty, PRS, DSc, FRSC, FIC, FAS, FNA (Padma Bhusan-1972), become Honorary Secretary of this Institution and since then important developments took place in practically all the various matters including upgradation of the Journal and the Proceedings to its present form. After his DSc of Calcutta university, Prof. Charkraborty worked at the Dyson Perrins laboratory, Oxford University ,England on finalization of the structure of Strychnine with Sir Robert Robinson, the then President of the Royal Society, during 1945-47 and then at the Converse memorial Labortory, Harvard University, U.S.A. with Professor Louis f.Fieser on chemistry of natural steroids. Sir Robert was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry towards the end of 1947, the finalization of the structure of Strychnine occupying a very prominent position in his award-winning work.

Immediately after taking charge of this institution by Prof. Chakraborty in 1951 , two new categories of membership , Fellowship ( F.I.C.) and Associateship ( A.I.C.), depending on the professional standard of the chemists,were started beside retaining the original Membership. The Associateship examination in various branches of Applied chemistry was started from 1951 on the basis of his proposal. The A.I.C. ( By Examination ) is recognised by the Board of Assessment of Technical and Professional Qualification, Government of India as equivalent M.Sc. in chemistry for all chemical appointment for which M.Sc degree in Chemistry is prescribed as a qualification. It is also being recognised by an increasing number of universities as equivalent to M.Sc. for purposes of registration for carrying out research work for Ph.D. e.g. Patna university, Punjub university, Osmania university , Cochin university, Poona university, Ranchi university, Punjabi university, Meerut university etc. Formal intimation from the first four of the above universities were duly received by the institution, butas for such recognition normally no correspondence is made from this institution . official letter of intimation from the other have not been received by the institution. There are letters of intimation of the other such universities whose names are not in our record through recipients of such Ph. D. s. The reference in respect of Government of India order for recognition of A.I.C. (By Examination) is G.O. No. F.18-36/57-T.5 dated19.8.58.

Over forty years have elapsed since this Examination was started by this Institution according to the proposal of Prof. Chakraborty, and with the help and cooperation from local Council Members of this Institution , in the interest of growing young chemists in the country , who would have otherwise, in later life, become frustrated for want of opportunity for furtherance of their knowledge with due recognition and progress. During this long period , quite, a large number of A.I.C.( By Examination) have come out and are working in responsible position throughout the country as also in foreign countries. In fact , many of them are enjoying retired life after a successful career. Quite a number f them have got Ph. D. also. This Institution is naturally proud for the grand success for this project, started shortly after Independence, in 1951.

Above all (a) it is a need-based Examination for having Applied Analytical Chemists as Chartered Chemists and (b) interaction of such A.I.C. s (By Examination ) with researches at Universities would be beneficial.


The Journal of the Institution of Chemists ( India), ISSN: 0020-3254;CODEN:JOI CA 7,Estd. 1929, is a Bimonthly one. As Reprints are not supplied the member-authors are advised to subscribe to the journal (at reduced rate). All communication should be addressed to The Hony. Secretary , Institution of Chemists ( India ) , 11/4, Dr. Biresh Guha Road, Kolkata-700017

Manuscript must be written on A-4 size paper with 2.54 cm. or 1 inch margin all around, with 12 font size (times new roman), single spaced in English and should be submitted via email at institutionofchemistsindia.org.


This examination is held once a year , in October-November at Calcutta, including Theoretical and Practical(also viva voce) .

As it is necessary for the candidates to have the knowledge about a Foreign Language –German or French or Russian, there is also arrangement of Foreign Language Test for those who are unable to submit proper certificate, from a recognised institution or teacher actually teaching the particular language ,to the effect that the candidate is able to translate, with the help of a dictionary, a scientific passage in the foreign language into English .