(ISSN: 0020-3254; CODEN: JOICA7, Regd. No.- R.N. 13766/57)

About the Journal:

The Journal of the Institution of Chemists (India) is a bimonthly, peer reviewed scientific research journal. The journal is published by the Institution of Chemists (India). It publishes original research papers and reviews in various field of chemistry including Pure Chemistry, Biochemistry, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Material Science, Forensic Chemistry, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biotechnology.

Instruction to Authors:
Manuscript (two typed copies) should be addressed to the Honorary Editor, Journal of the Institution of Chemists (India), 11/4 Dr. Biresh Guha Road, Kolkata-700017. Author can submit research paper via email ( together with a cover letter.

Preparation of Manuscript:
Manuscript must be written in English in MS Word (.doc) format (Times New Roman, font size 12, double spaced, 1 inch margin all around). The manuscript should be arranged in the following sequence:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results and Discussion
  • Acknowledgement
  • References

Title page:

Title page should contain the title of the article, names of all authors, their
institutional affiliations. The name of corresponding author should be clearly marked by (*) and his/her full postal address with city, zip code and country, telephone number, fax
number and email address should be clearly mentioned.


Abstract should be concise not more than 200 words describing purpose,
methods, important results and derived conclusion of the study.


3 to 5 keywords highlighting the scope of the article and theme of the work.


The introduction should clearly indicate the aim of the study. The specific problems that the author particularly likes to deal with during investigation should also be stated.
Materials and Methods: The details of the experimental methods should be concise and reproducible by other investigators. Procedures that have been published previously should not be described in detail. Sources of chemicals and materials, and make of an equipment used during investigation should be indicated.

Results and Discussion:

It should contain the scientific interpretation of findings to
justify the investigation. It should also include the conclusive remark.


All persons/organizations that have made substantial contributions but are not eligible as authors should be included in acknowledgement.


References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are cited in the text. Cite the reference number in the text by the appropriate Arabic number as super script format e.g. text1. Reference should follow the following style:
R. Uson, A. Laguna and M. Laguna, Inorg. Synth. 26, 85-91 (1989).

For Book:

Jimmy KC, Peer WC, George KL, Alan JM, Alan MC and Smith R, Diabetes , 13th edi., B.I. Waverly Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1994, 193-265.
The corresponding author of the selected best paper published in the journal of a year will be conferred the Prof. K. A. Thaker Award of Rs. 1000/- as a token of appreciation.


This examination is held once a year , in October-November at Calcutta, including Theoretical and Practical(also viva voce) .

As it is necessary for the candidates to have the knowledge about a Foreign Language –German or French or Russian, there is also arrangement of Foreign Language Test for those who are unable to submit proper certificate, from a recognised institution or teacher actually teaching the particular language ,to the effect that the candidate is able to translate, with the help of a dictionary, a scientific passage in the foreign language into English .


1. FELLOWSHIP(F.I.C) A chemist not below 28 year,who are in opinion of the Council has done original research work of a higher order or has been engaged in important analytical production,consulting or similar work of a general or specialized character. The nature and responsibility of the position held by him will be taken into consideration along with any thesis or report on technical subjects submitted by him. An Associate may apply for fellowship only after five years from the date of election as Associate.

2. ASSOCIATESHIP(A.IC) by Examination It is essential for a candidate...